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K2 Alchemist Men's Snowboards 2024

K2 Alchemist Men's Snowboards 2024

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The North Star in the K2 Snowboarding snowboard offering, and the marquee of the Landscape Collection, the Alchemist is a hard-charging, directional freeride board for the skilled rider.

Targeted to please the advanced-to- expert level snowboarder, the Alchemist is packed with functional technology. The Alchemist features two unique technologies from the K2 camp; a SpaceGlass™ tip insert and patented Spectral Braid technology. SpaceGlass™ is a pre-cured fiberglass insert that helps reduce weight, minimize chatter, and increase edge pressure. Spectral Braid allows us to adjust tip-to-tail stiffness independently from the torsional stiffness, creating a stiffer snowboard in the tip and tail to promote edge hold, while keeping it more relaxed between the feet for easy turn initiation.

Recess3D technology in the nose removes excess material from the board, adds visual depth to the top sheet and reduces chatter – all without sacrificing strength.

A thirty-five-year history, collaborative rider input, and premium technology culminate in delivering the most aggressive and precision-crafted snowboard we’ve ever made. The Alchemist holds its ground as the most premium offering on freeride snowboarding today.

Board Shape: Directional

Best For: Freeride, Big Mountain, Powder, Piste, Speed


  • Recess 3D -  By reducing the amount of materials in low-stress zones, the K2 Alchemist able to reduce the swingweight of your snowboard, while also reducing chatter in the tip and tail - all without sacrificing strength.
  • Wax Infused Sintered 4001 Base - Built using the hardest and fastest Sintered base material on the market from Crown, the Wax-Infused Sintered 4001 holds wax longer than other Sintered bases for a smoother glide, longer.
  • S1 Core - The smooth-flexing cousin to K2's A1 core, the NEW S1 Core is designed to be damp underfoot and stronger than hell. Constructed from Bamboo, Aspen, and Paulownia, the S1 Core let’s each wood do what it’s best for. Tip-to-tail Bamboo stringers add snap, durability, and damping underfoot and are balanced out by lightweight Paulownia in the midbody, tip, and tail help to reduce swingweight. Underfoot, Aspen and Bamboo are placed at 30 ° angles to increase strength, supercharge the edge-to-edge response, and increase the pressure distribution along the edge.
  • Spectral Braid - An integrated carbon weave that runs the entire length of the board, intersecting at 90º angles in the tip and tail for adding torsional rigidity and responsiveness and a more relaxed angle between the inserts for handling and maneuverability.
  • Spaceglass™ - An American made Aerospace grade precure fiberglass core insert used to provide unmatched structural performance at reduced weight. SpaceGlassTM inserts increase edge hold along contact points, reduce chatter, and provide unequaled durability.
  • Carbon Power Fork™ -  Pre-cambered Carbon Power Fork™ additives are strategically shaped to offer greater response and energy return by increasing the width toward the tail - allowing for more material to be engaged, and more energy to be created the harder the tail is flexed. Add snap to ollies, increase edge pressure, and give energy in and out of turns.
  • Sno-Phobic Top Sheet - This top sheet material sheds unwanted snow build-up, keeping your snowboard light and nimble.
  • 2x4 Insert Binding Mounting - 2x4 Insert packs allow for secure binding mounting while optimizing stance-width options. Time-tested, secure, and stable.

Size Chart:

Size (cm) Effective Edge (cm) Tip/Waist/Tail (cm) Sidecut (M) Stance (in) Setback (in) Weight Range (lbs) Weight Range (kg)
154 117 29.3 - 24.7 - 28.7 297 21 0.75 120 - 200+ 54 - 91+
157 119 29.7 - 25.0 - 29.1 7.82 21 0.75 120 - 200+ 54 - 91+
159W 122 31.1 - 26.3 - 30.5 7.98 22 0.75 130 - 230+ 59 - 104+
160 122 30.1 - 25.3 - 29.5 7.98 22 0.75 130 - 230+ 59 - 104+
163 124 30.5 - 25.6 - 29.9 8.14 23 0.75 130 - 230+ 59 - 104+
164W 124 31.5 - 26.6 - 30.9 8.1 23 0.75 130 - 230+ 59 - 104+
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